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Tanaka Ramen is Celebrating Their 1 Year Anniversary!

Tanaka Ramen and Izakaya opened their first Hawaii location out in Kapolei one year ago. After that, the rest as they say is history! Despite the uncertainty of the pandemic, they continued to grow and gained popularity. Then they opened their second location at Ala Moana Shopping Center in November. Most recently, they just opened their third location in Pearlridge Shopping Center, in the Wai Makai wing.

To celebrate their anniversary, Tanaka Ramen will be giving away FREE RAMEN TODAY (June 15, 2021) to the first 25 customers at the Kapolei location. There will also be a special offer for a FREE APPETIZER / OR BEER WITH PURCHASE, THIS WEEKEND (also at Kapolei).

Read all the way to the bottom of this post for specific details, terms and conditions.

Each Location is Unique

For those who’ve been holed up at home all year due to the pandemic lockdown, now is your chance to taste what all the fuss is about. Tanaka Ramen is known for their creative ramen dishes. At their Ala Moana shop for example, they feature delicious items exclusive to that location, such as their Garlic Cheese Tonkotsu Ramen, their Beef Sukiyaki Tonkotsu Ramen, and their Chili Cilantro Tori Ramen to name a few. In that same fashion, the Pearlridge location has their own exclusives (displayed below), like the Tanaka Garlic Volcano Ramen, Seafood Vegetable Kushi Katsu, Clam Chowder Croquettes, Arabiki Sausage, and Tako Wasabi (not show).

Something for Everyone

Customers who enjoy a wide variety of options will like the menu at Tanaka Ramen restaurants. They have a consistent flavor across each location, featuring three soup bases for their noodle dishes; tonkotsu, chicken and a vegetarian soup bases. In addition to their extensive ramen selection, they also offer great non-noodle entree options, as well as a wide variety of izakaya items (more on that later). Furthermore, vegetarians and vegans will be thrilled to know that they have healthy ramen and appetizers on the menu that is on par with their regular offerings.

Healthy Menu Selections

For people who are vegetarian, vegan, or just simply health conscious, Tanaka Ramen has a couple ramen options for you!

The Spicy Creamy Vegan Ramen
This item features a kale ramen noodle that is gluten free, green, healthy and tasty. The soup in a vegan broth with green onions, bean sprouts, spinach, atsuage tofu, crispy onions, with garlic & chili oils.

The Vegetarian Dan Dan Man
This is served in a vegetarian mixed sauce. It contains green onions, spicy bean sprouts, spinach, cauliflower, broccoli, kikurage, cabbage, black pepper, and is served with thick noodles.

In addition, at their Ala Moana location, they added a couple of healthy appetizers that has become very popular, like their Shishito Pepper dish, as well as their Cold Tofu Salad. Watch the following video to see what these healthy items look like.

Tina Wang, the owner of Tanaka Ramen, talks about their ramen, their healthy options, and their appetizers.

Speaking of Appetizers and Alternative Menu Items

The definition of the word “izakaya” is, a type of Japanese bar that serves a wide range of small, typically inexpensive dishes and snacks to accompany main dishes and drinks. Tanaka Ramen and Izakaya comes through with their own izakaya selection that includes, but not limited to, their gyoza, takoyaki, rock shrimp, fried oysters, wings, karaage chicken, and crispy chicken wings. They even have a unique appetizer that’s exclusive to Hawaii called the Soft Shell Crab Bun!

If you aren’t in the mood for noodles, Tanaka Ramen offers alternative menu items. They offer rice bowl dishes like the beef sukiyaki don and the karaage don. They also have curry bowls that include the chicken karaage curry, that will satisfy your craving for comfort food!


To celebrate their first anniversary, Tanaka Ramen is offering FREE ramen bowls to the first 25 customers at their Kapolei Marketplace location on Tuesday, June 15. In addition, later this same weekend from June 19 – 20, they are offering another special promotion: anyone who spend $30 or more will receive one (1) free appetizer of their choice, between the five-piece Karaage Chicken, Crispy Chicken Wings or Shrimp Shumai / or one (1) free Orion draft beer ONLY at the Kapolei Marketplace location.

With three locations around Oahu, Tanaka Ramen and Izakaya has made it more convenient to try their food. Help them celebrate this week by visiting any of these locations, and post pictures or video of your order on social media. Be sure to tag them and us, and use the hashtags #tanakaramenhi and #hawaiifoodieclub to possibly get your photo reshared!

Contact Info for Each Location:

Kapolei Marketplace Location:
590 Farrington Hwy, #510
Kapolei HI 96707
(808) 744-1231
Daily Hours: 11am-10pm

Ala Moana Center Location:
1450 Ala Moana Blvd
Honolulu HI 96814
(808) 400-0506
Daily Hours: 11am-10pm

Pearlridge Shopping Center Location:
98 – 1005 Moanalua Rd, #2205
Aiea, HI 96701
(808) 888-2615

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