Monday, April 22, 2024
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Mother Bake Shop – Kailua Town Shopping Center

Mother Bake Shop at Kailua Town is one of those places that open early and close once they run out of product. Because I’m not a morning person, I had to make my way to Mother a few times to try things for this blog post. Lucky for me, every time I went there were different things.

I love the vibe of this place: from the pink and white color scheme to the sense of community created by the BLM and giving board. These made me feel so welcome and looking at all of the giving papers hanging on the wall really gave me faith in this crazy political climate.

Giving Board at Mother Bake Shop

On multiple occasions, I picked up a few pastries and a rose latte with oat milk. I love that they have options for macadamia nut milk and oat milk!

As far as the pastries, they always have a lot of options even though things tend to sell out quickly. If you want to have the most options, you should go early, but there was enough selection when I went around 10 am a few times. My pro tip is if you’re looking for savory options such as cauliflower or potato bread, you need to go early. If you’re looking for sweet, it’s okay to go later.

Additionally, I love that the portions are so big! When I go to other bakeries, I usually end up eating a few pastries on my own, but it wasn’t the case here.

Another thing I love about Mother is that they’re vegan. They use coconut butter that one of the owners worked on for years before they opened. My friend who doesn’t seek out vegan/vegetarian options didn’t even notice that the pastries were sans normal butter. That just shows that vegan doesn’t have to taste bad just as the stigma suggests! I’m so glad that this place exists because if you know me, you know I love my vegan options!

Our favorites were the squash bread, the cinnamon roll, and the chocolate ganache cronut. All of them were super tasty and tasted great room temperature (but even better heated up).

The lines here look endless but pass quickly. I promise it is well worth it! Whether you’re vegan or not, you’ll probably find something you love here.

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