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Ming’s Canton Food – Pearl Highlands Center

I have a lot of childhood memories that involve picking up food from Ming’s. Whenever my dad would pick me and my sister up for the weekend, we would stop by the Pearl Highlands Center food court on our way to his house. My dad loves Chinese food, so we often went to Ming’s for their boneless chicken cake noodle. I don’t have very clear memories of any of their other food, so I took decided it was time to try something new.

During this visit, I ordered their honey walnut shrimp rice plate, beef ong choy rice plate, and roast duck wonton egg noodle soup. First off, the portions are pretty generous. All of this food was under $40. I took the leftovers to my parent’s house and it ended up feeding three adults and two children twice!

Honey Walnut Shrimp, Beef Ong Choy, and Roast Duck Wonton Egg Noodle Soup

Let’s talk about the honey walnut shrimp first. The candied walnuts in this were so crunchy and sweet, and I loved that there were a decent amount of them. I also appreciated that the sauce was on the side. Most times when I get honey walnut shrimp as takeout, everything turns into mush because of the sauce and steam in the takeout box. By putting the sauce on the side, the walnuts and battered shrimp stay crispy for longer. The sauce was a nice tangy flavor as well!

Dipping shrimp into honey sauce

Secondly, the beef ong choy plate was heavy. I feel like an entire bunch of ong choy was cooked and packed into the takeout box. The flavor was nice and savory from the ham har and the ong choy still had a lot of crunch. Ong choy is one of my favorite vegetables, so I ate a ton of this.

Beef Ong Choy Rice Plate

Lastly, the roast duck wonton noodle soup was so much bigger than I thought it was. At first sight, I already thought it was a decent takeout portion. However, after sticking my chopsticks into it, I found so many noodles! The broth was simple but still full of flavor. I wish I had tried this sooner!

After so many years, I’m happy to see that Ming’s is still thriving and making quality food!

What’s your favorite dish from Ming’s?

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