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Willow Tree Restaurant – Aikahi Park Shopping Center

Looking for a unique Korean plate lunch? Look no further than Willow Tree at Aikahi Park Shopping Center. Willow Tree is a family-run restaurant that has been serving the Kailua community for years. From what I saw, 9/10 people were regulars to the establishment. So let’s talk about what keeps them coming back!

The sign at Willow Tree Restaurant at Aikahi Park Shopping Center

When I walked in, I was greeted happily by the cashier. They were very busy, but made a good amount of conversation with each guest. I could feel the warmth and sense of community just from standing in line. While waiting, I looked at their menu and saw some interesting things: spicy BBQ chicken and spicy katsu. I couldn’t leave without ordering those, so I got a few orders of their 3-choice lunch plate.

The spicy items were a hit with me and my friends. They’re on the mild side, but the flavors are very well balanced. The katsu was probably my absolute favorite. It tasted similar to Zippy’s Korean fried chicken, except a little more juicy because the sauce really seeps into the katsu breading. I would come back here for a full plate of it!

Here’s a little close-up:

When getting takeout, the lunch plates don’t come with their turnip soup, but I bought some on the side. Unfortunately, it wasn’t too photogenic, but it was a tasty clear broth daikon soup. It would be perfect after the meal to soothe the stomach.

Currently, Willow Tree is only doing takeout, but I can’t wait to dine in when they offer it again. I would love to chat with the aunties and uncles more while enjoying their spicy items.

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  • They have great lunch specials! I love their spicy pork too!

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