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The First Okinawan FEASTival – November 2nd-8th, 2020

I was sent an invite to this event and immediately my mouth started drooling. Being part uchinanchu makes this event close to my heart as well as my stomach. I still regret not forcing my Grandma to give us her recipe for her shoyu pork. So tender and delicious. What great small kid time memories! Time to see if there is someplace that can at least come close to it.

Here is more information that I got from their Facebook Event listing

Announcing the 1st Annual Okinawan FEASTival, a celebration of Okinawan food and Okinawan owned restaurants!

FEASTival will be held from November 2nd to 8th and is a way for the community to support local businesses struggling to survive during these difficult times. Detailed information at:

Celebrate Okinawan dishes that we are so lucky to have access to year round!

Explore FEASTival Specials only available during the week! Hank’s Andadog and KC Rafute Waffle and Kokuto Andagi Ice Cream is on the menu!

We have compiled a listing of all the Okinawan owned restaurants and food related businesses. How many have you visited? #supportokinawan

Asking for your kokua in spreading the word about this first time event! Please share with anyone who might be interested and EAT!!

Hawaii United Okinawa Association

#okinawaneats #okieats

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One thought on “The First Okinawan FEASTival – November 2nd-8th, 2020

  • I say I’m 100% Half Okinawan 😀

    We have been updating the Okinawan FEASTival Specials! Kokuto Andagi ice cream at Heiho House the month of November, KC Rafute Waffle (no dog) and Pumpkin Spice Andagi from Team Pagoda, Hank’s Andadog from Hank’s Haute Dogs!

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