Saturday, June 22, 2024

Boston’s Pizza – Aikahi Park Shopping Center

I’ve been eating a lot of pizza this month. It wasn’t by my own choice, but it’s because I’ve been seeing a lot of friends lately and it’s an easy potluck food. Because I don’t eat pizza often, I have pretty high standards for it. After all, it has to be worth popping the Gas-X or Lactaid for. Boston’s Pizza is my go-to when I’m the one picking up pizza, and, since I was headed to a friend’s place in Kaneohe, I stopped by the Aikahi location.

So what makes Boston’s Pizza my go-to? I love their huge slices and that you can choose a bunch of slices to make your own 19″ pie. This makes it easy to pick up for a potluck with people who have different preferences. I’m the rabbit of the friend group, so I really appreciate that I can have my veggie pizza while my friends can have their meaty pizza.

On this visit, I tried to get as many slices as I could without breaking the bank. I ended up having an entire pie and a half as well as garlic knots for about $50. With slices the size of Boston’s, I feel like this price is such a steal!

If you’ve never seen how big a Boston’s slice is, here’s my boyfriend holding up a two different slices for reference:

If you can’t tell from these photos, these slices are BIG! They’re the size of two already big slices put together. I ain’t complaining though! They taste amazing and are so worth the wait.

Here’s a picture of the full pie:

19″ pie made up of individual slices: 2 Big Red; 1 Spinach and Garlic; 1 Spinach, Garlic, and Bacon.

I know this looks really green, but even my friends that don’t eat vegetables that much love the spinach and garlic pizza from Boston’s, so I had to get at least one of those, plus the one with bacon just for good measure.

Garlic Knots

For $5, these garlic knots were pretty good, but the pizza is where it’s at for value and flavor. I should have gotten the cinnamon knots instead so we could have some sort of dessert, but that’s okay.

Overall, Boston’s Aikahi did not disappoint. Growing up, my parents would pick up from the Aiea location, but I feel that each location is really consistent with their product. I highly recommend picking up a Boston’s Pizza for a potluck! It’s truly a crowd-pleaser.

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