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The Pizza Press – Pearl Highlands Shopping Center

The build-your-own concept has been growing in popularity in recent years, and I’m not mad at it. For foods like pizza, customizing your own has always been a thing, but The Pizza Press at Pearl Highlands takes it further by letting you see the entire process. I honestly wasn’t expecting to have so many options or to be able to see everything being made right in front of me! I can see how this place is such a hit with all ages as there’s something for everyone.

During my visit, I decided to get The Chronicle, while my friend decided to publish his own. Both of our pizzas were priced at $13.95. We also got the Italian bomb bites to share, as well as two alcoholic drinks. Our total with tip came out to less than $60 for a lot of food!

I’m sure you all have seen a pizza before, so let’s talk about the bomb bites first. They’re basically little pizzas rolled up that are served with a dipping sauce. Super easy to share, not messy, and keep very well when you bring it home. Be careful when eating these super fresh as they’re little balls of lava. It was my mistake for being so excited! If I were to come back for a hangout after work, I’d probably get this and a beer.

After looking through the menu, I decided on The Chronicle pizza. Of all the ones on the menu, this is the only vegetarian option. If you know me, you know I love vegetables, so this choice is no surprise. I loved everything about this pizza – from the thin crust to the pesto topping. I’ve never had anything like it before! The artichoke hearts were a good touch as well, as they added a different texture.

The Chronicle

My friend decided to try building his own. He had a lot of fun looking through all the options. You can really make something unique as there are so many sauce, topping, and drizzles. He’s a meat lover, so he chose a lot of pepperoni, sausage, and bacon. For some extra color, he added spinach and mushroom. I tried a piece and it was pretty good.

Publish Your Own Pizza (PYOP)

Overall, I’d recommend this place as a cool spot to pau hana after a long day of work or to bring your kids for lunch. I think kids and adults would enjoy seeing everything being made and having the option to choose what they want in their pizza. They also have a full bar with tons of beers on tap which include a good amount of local selections!

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