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Tasty Korean BBQ – Kaneohe Bay Center

If you live in Hawaii, it’s pretty much a given that you’ve been to a Korean plate lunch spot. I never knew that these huge plate lunches with banchan (side dishes) weren’t a thing in the mainland until a friend that moved away told me that he couldn’t stop craving an enormous plate of meat jun. Did you guys know that meat jun is also a Hawaii thing?

With that being said, I couldn’t go without writing about a Korean plate lunch spot. After all, this website is called the Hawaii Foodie Club, so it wouldn’t be right to go without writing about a Hawaii staple!

I found myself getting takeout from Tasty Korean BBQ at Kaneohe Bay one day while going to rental showings on the Windward side. I knew it was going to be a very long day, so I knew I had to get something filling that will either keep me full for a long time or not spoil in the car. Although the kimchi would go bad after a while, I knew that anything else would be decent if I saved it for later.

Through the hangry-ness, I called in my order and went to pick it up. What I love about Korean plate lunches are that mini sizes are regular-sized while the regular size is actually an extra-large. Without a question, I got the regular size. After all, I needed to keep myself satiated through these apartment showings! I took these photos while on the go, so they’re as plain as they can get, but just LOOK at the plate glisten:

Honestly, you can never go wrong with a Korean plate lunch… unless you have a bunch of things to do and start to kanak without finishing everything you said you would do that day. My only complaint is that the cucumber kimchi wasn’t that spicy; however, it made up for what it lacked in spice in how refreshing it was.

Would I be back? Duh.

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